Important Documents To Bring To Your Tax Appointment

Please take a look at the guidelines below for some of the important documents individuals will need to have on hand for your appointment with FMV Tax Professionals. You can also download our What to bring to your Appointment with FMV Tax Professionals pdf checklist. This information can be particularly helpful if you are a first time client to FMV Tax Professionals. For current and future clients this guide can be used as a handy reminder to be assured that you have collected all you need to have a complete tax visit. For a list of Income and Expenses to bring for Businesses and Organizations please see the Tax Return for Business page.

For the Taxpayer please provide:
• legal name
• social security number
• birth date
• occupation
• address
• county
• school district

For Spouse and/or Dependents* please provide:
• legal name(s)
• social security number(s)
• birth date(s)
• occupation/student/relationship

*Are your children still dependents? Do you have dependents who are not your children?  Not sure, call 716.537.2066. Indicate children’s student status or non children’s relationship to the taxpayer.

If you would like your refund directly deposited or a balance due withdrawn, please provide:
• Checking or Savings Account Number and
• Routing Number
• a voided check for reference numbers

• have a new child
• get married
• have a child go to college
• buy or sell a house
• put money in an IRA
• make energy saving improvements to your house?

All of these will make a difference in your tax return, please make a note and mention them when you come for your appointment.

Please bring all important tax documents that have been mailed to you from banks and employers that show your income and expenses. Some examples are listed below, but there may be others.

• W-2(s) from Employer(s)
• 1099 Statements from:
• Banks
• Investment firms
• Retirement income
• Bonus at work
• Commissions at work
• Unemployment
• Social Security
• Alimony received
• Rental income
• Business income
• Farm
• Hobby income
• Gambling income
• Jury Duty income

• Property taxes
• Mortgage interest
• Charitable gifts
• Charitable miles
• IRA contributions
• Alimony paid to others
• Child care payments
• Student loan interest
• Payments to a medical HSA
• Teacher purchases for classroom
• Moving expenses
• Firefighter’s credit
• Business expenses
• Rental property expenses
• Business miles
• Farm expenses
• Medical & dental expenses
• Medical miles