Tax Exempt Organizations Reporting

Every year it seems that additional burdens are placed on charitable organizations. Among those burdens is the relatively new rule requiring tax exempt organizations to file an annual informational return or notice with the IRS. These forms are not always well understood by organizations that are struggling every day to save lives and make lives better.

FMV Tax Professionals will work with you to STAY EXEMPT by preparing your Charitable Organization’s annual 990, 990-EZ, 990-PF or 990-N. As tax preparers with in depth knowledge of the tax law as well as the workings of tax exempt organizations, FMV Tax Professionals is able to help assemble the documentation and financial information needed to accurately prepare your annual informational return. Let us handle the tax preparation so that you can focus your attention on the important work of your organization.

Organizations that do not file the proper 990 informational return for three consecutive years automatically lose their tax exempt status. Organizations whose tax exempt status has been revoked by the IRS may be required to pay taxes on income and will no longer be able to receive tax deductable donations. Engaging FMV Tax Professionals to manage this aspect of your organization’s buisiness will ensure that you never have to worry about who will attend to your 990 informational return again.

FMV Tax Professionals CAN help get your tax exempt status reinstated. We will work with your organization to assemble the needed documentation and complete the application for reinstatement. For a limited time smaller organizations may be eligible for a reduced user fee from the IRS.

Charitable organizations who wish to apply for new tax exempt status will also find that FMV Tax Professionals is totally focused on your effort and will quickly and accurately complete your  application to the IRS to attain your 501 (c) tax exempt status. Once your organization receives its letter of determination for its tax exempt status, we will be happy to prepare the proper 990 return each year in order to keep your exempt satus current. 

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