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FMV Tax Professionals would like to thank Joyce and Richard Delong at Insty-Prints for the best Christmas present this season… a very nice article about us in their newsletter. See a portion of the article below.    

FMV Tax Professionals

FMV Tax ProfessionalsDespite being a tax professional for more than two decades, Fran Vaughan is far from your average tax accountant.

Early in her career, Vaughan, who specializes in tax preparation for individuals, businesses and tax exempt organizations, volunteered as a tax preparer for the IRS, preparing returns for military families living overseas. Then, after arriving in Western New York, she taught aspiring tax preparers how to prepare tax returns. And she didn’t stop there. Her next endeavor was fund raising for non-profit organizations. Put all of that together and it is clear why she now has her own company, FMV Tax Professionals.

Vaughan has a unique ability to combine her not-for-profit expertise with her tax expertise to provide personal services for tax-exempt organizations. She has the experience to help them prepare and file 990 informational returns, as well as applications for tax exempt status. Vaughan has clients throughout the country, but predominantly in Western New York. “My ideal customers,” she says, “are individuals, businesses and tax-exempt organizations who are looking for an efficient, personal tax preparer and advisor who will mind their tax business so they can mind their fundamental business.” She says that she enjoys working with people to make the tax reporting process more manageable. “My favorite part of this business is helping people save money during the tax planning and preparation process,” Vaughan says. “I have their best interests in mind, so clients can sleep well at night knowing that I will always help them find as many deductions as they are allowed while assuring that all rules are followed.”
For more information about Vaughan’s business, and to seek answers to many tax preparation questions, check out her website at

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