Tax Return for Individuals

FMV Tax Professionals prepares all versions of the 1040 Individual tax return at a reasonable cost. We will provide you with personalized and consistent service. One price includes tax return preparation of both the federal and state, e-filing and our accuracy guarantee. Please contact us with the details of your situation to get a better idea of what your tax return will cost.

If you have earned income of more than $9,300 if you are Single, $12,050 if you are Head of Household or $18,700 if you are Married Filing Jointly you most likely will have to file a tax return. 

One thing that makes a difference in how your tax return is prepared is the decision about whether or not you will itemize. If you have a mortgage and pay property taxes, very likely you will itemize, otherwise you will probably use a standard deduction.
The number of people in your household will also determine how your taxes are prepared. Remember sometimes a person may be your dependent who is not your child; special rules apply for people who are living in your home to be claimed as dependents.  

The kind of income that you claim on your tax return will determine the information that must be reported on your return. If you have sold stock, own a business, farm or rental property additional forms must be used to report that income and expense.

And finally many credits are offered that will offset your tax, if you are eligible for these they will affect the way your tax return is prepared.

FMV Tax Professionals is a registered e-filer for the following reasons:

  • You will get your refund back faster
  • You will know right away that your return is accepted by the IRS
  • Fewer mistakes are made on electronically filed returns
  • You save postage costs and the inconvenience of driving to the post office
  • Your tax return is safe and secure with no chance that someone can access your confidential information.

We also recommend using the direct deposit option so that your refund is deposited directly into a checking or savings account that you choose. This feature eliminates the possibility of your refund check being stolen from your mailbox, and allows you to receive your refund as soon as 10 days after you have filed.  

Please take a look at the guide of things to bring to an appointment and then make an appointment with FMV Tax for a convenient and accurate tax preparation experience.