Use your Tax Refund to purchase US Savings Bonds!

By designating a portion of your tax refund (up to a maximum of $5000) to buy U.S. Savings Bonds, you can build long-term savings and assets. The purchase of savings bonds is one way to start or increase your overall savings. Simply complete a Form 8888, Allocation of Refund, when preparing your tax return (or tell your preparer that you would like to choose this option). If you purchase a Savings Bond with your tax refund you will receive paper bonds in 2012, in future years all Savings Bonds will be available on-line exclusively.      Continue reading

Are you an Employee or an Independent Contractor?

The rule of thumb in determining if you are an employee or an independent contractor (Self Employed) is based on the business relationship (primarily looking at the “right to control” or independence) that exists between you and the firm.

Evidence of the degree of control and independence fall into three categories: the right to control behavior, financial aspects and the type of relationship between you and the firm.      Continue reading

FMV Tax Favorite Christmas Present

FMV Tax Professionals would like to thank Joyce and Richard Delong at Insty-Prints for the best Christmas present this season… a very nice article about us in their newsletter. See a portion of the article below.     Continue reading

FMV Tax: Here to Help!

FMV Tax Professionals is a fully comprehensive tax preparation firm. We will get your tax returns prepared fast, accurately and with personalized attention. We are here all year long to follow up with any tax questions you have. We do taxes for individuals, businesses and tax exempt organizations.

UPDATE: Joyce and Richard Delong at Insty-Prints gave us our favorite Christmas present this year. It happened to be a great introduction for this blog. Check out Insty-Prints Featured Customer of the Month: FMV Tax Professionals to see the whole article.